How many devices do you need?

Many people use the smartphone for everything. For most of them, apps like Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram are all they need. Others, want to check mails or listen to music. Actually, in most cases all these tasks can be done from the phone, and other devices remain in a corner of the house. How many electronic devices do you need in your day? Are there too many devices in my day?

Nature in Cabalango

When my wife asked me to take a breath for a few days, I didn’t hesitate a minute, and immediately, I thought of Cabalango: a great place to unwind and relax. Cabalango is a small village in Cordoba Province, located in the Punilla Valley, in the centre of Argentine. Los Chorrillos river crosses the village and creates a peaceful atmosphere, and invites you to walk on the banks and relax.

What is in my travel backpack

When I decide to go on vacation, I organize all my trip some days before. And a very important topic to consider is the content of my backpack. What we carry in our backpack speaks of our chosen lifestyle, or what kind of trip we are condidering to do. Long travel, ligthweight bag Many years ago, when there weren't smartphones I used to carry a heavy laptop.

Can the light of electronic devices affect our sleep?

In recent years, young people who sleep less than eight hours have increased. This event seems to be multifactorial but electronic devices have special importance. Twenty five years ago, nobody would have imagined people using electronic devices in bedrooms at night. Noadays we are seeing some consequences of this habit. Technology always brings social changes Currently, it is very common to go to sleep with TVs, mobile phones, tablets, computers, videogames consoles, etc.

What is The Post PC era

Post-PC era: is it here or not? From the point of view of marketing, the "Post-Pc era" is a trend observed after the year 2010, when sales of personal computers declined in favor of mobile devices. Are we in the PostPC era? PC dead or market balance? But for current users, the Post-Pc era means: To have a multifunctional and productives mobile OS.

How to download videos or audios

Do you need an easy way to download audios and videos from youtube? Youtube-dl is the answer. You can read how to do it (easy way) by terminal or web further below: PMYTD (Poor Man’s Youtube Downloader) Youtube-dl is the first app in my list when I need to download a Youtube video or audio. But, when I want to do this, I don’t remember the options what i have to type.

How i met my Linux

GNU/Linux: First contact My first contact with Linux was in 1995. In that year, you could only "choose" Debian, Red Hat or Slackware; this last one was the one i found. I was in my freaky friend's home. He was a genius and he was trying to make me see something that he called "the other world". But i just saw white letters over a black screen.

Why i decided to create a blog

Hello World :-) How many times have you had to resolve the same issue? How many times have you had to “google” the same search to personalize your desktop? Have you ever seen a person who never needed a hand to solve any problem? Why this blog It’s not possible to begin to write a blog or anything else “in the web” without that clich� of “Hello World”. This is my new blog and this is the first post.


Hello, This is a new tech blog. It isn’t the best, nor the most popular. Please, don’t read this if you value your time. Bye.

About me: Hi, my (nick)name is Javierinsitu. I Live in Buenos Aires, with my wife and two daughters. I’m a doctor, but i love Gnu/linux, Photography and Futbol Soccer. In my spare time i try to learn everything i can. About this blog: I started to write this blog because: I would like to improve my writting skills. I want to express my thoughts and opinions. I can connect with other people and share experiences.