What is The Post PC era

Post-PC era: is it here or not?

From the point of view of marketing, the "Post-Pc era" is a trend observed after the year 2010, when sales of personal computers declined in favor of mobile devices.

/images/postpc_graphic.png Are we in the PostPC era? PC dead or market balance?

But for current users, the Post-Pc era means:

  • To have a multifunctional and productives mobile OS.

  • Ubiquitous personal information, thanks to the use of different cloud services.

  • Use of a PC only for specific tasks.

In other words, mobile devices as a primary method of computing.

The device killer

We think that the smartphones have been with us for decades. But I remember when i used to check my email and Facebook, 13 years ago from my old, big and noisy PC.

A short time ago, Apple celebrated its 10th anniversary. In its beginnings, iOS didn't try to compete against PCs. It only followed its main objetive: "usability".

Some years after, "usability" was obtained by iOs and Android. Then, many new apps movided news and more advanced features. Next step was clear, productivity was the next user request.

We have had smartphones and tablets since not many years ago, but bit by bit, the PC has been replaced in many aspects.

Smartphones slowly won that war, because you can do the same task more easily, better and the fact that you can do it anywhere. Smartphones killed compact cameras, Mp3 players and even tablets, for the same reasons.

The power of PCs

Smartphones are here, and we will live with them for a long time. But "Post PC era" doesn't mean that the PC is dying and smartphones will take its place. You can do almost everything with them. But they are limited by their physical characteristics:

They are portables but they have got a "small" screen. Their connectivity specs are great, but sometimes you need a serious keyboard.

Some of these problems could be solved with a "Desktop Mode" like Samsung Dex or an external keyboard. But if you need to work many hours editing photos, videos or audios; Writing an article, booking your hollidays; And for many other professional jobs, you'll need a PC also.

If the Post Pc era is here, why we do need a new IpadOS with basic PC features? Perhaps, we have made too much sacrifice replacing the PC with an ipad or smartphone.

I do almost everything with my smartphone or tablet, but i feel calm knowing my PC is ready.


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