What is in my travel backpack

When I decide to go on vacation, I organize all my trip some days before. And a very important topic to consider is the content of my backpack. What we carry in our backpack speaks of our chosen lifestyle, or what kind of trip we are condidering to do.

Long travel, ligthweight bag

Many years ago, when there weren't smartphones I used to carry a heavy laptop. This makes no sense nowadays, but in the '00 there wasn't any other way to "stay on line". Some years later, I bought an Ipod Touch, and all my needs for communication and web browsing were satisfied, and I finally left my laptop in a drawer.

I have always loved photography. My firt digital camera was a litle Kodak with 4 megapixels in its little sensor. Later it was replaced by other cameras, but its image quallity was great.

A few years later, I decided to go into photography more seriously. Then I took a tutorial and I bought a new camera: The Cannon G1X, It was bigger than the others and I loved its colours and sharpness.

Finaly, a few years later an "entry level" Nikon reflex arrived home. It was a Nikon d3300, a basic camera, but with an acceptable quality.

Nowadays, the Nikon is my main camera. And it is never alone: When I travel, I have to choose between several lenses (11-16mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70-300mm), and sometimes I take some accesories (flash, tripod, remote control, filters, etc). Almost always it is difficult to choose between them, but in general I have a rule: "the longer the trip, the ligther the bag".

Need for energy

In my trips, I always take my 10.000 mAh Asus powerbank. It's a "lifejacket" when I have long days on the road, away from electric outlets. That could be the difference between using the GPS or a translator app, and travel the old way (reading signs and asking for directions). further, I take lots of photos and videos with the smartphone, and that can drain the battery dramatically.

Of course I need a pair of headphones. I like the bluetooth ones, but the wired ones don't need to be charged, and are always ready to be used.

A tablet like an Ipad is a very good idea to go on a trip. It's ligthweight, thin, and almost takes no room. I usually use it to watch movies some nights in hotels, to see city maps, listen to music, to discover new places to visit, etc. Additionally its battery is powerful and you could need to charge it only twice a week.

When you carry many electronic devices, you necessarily need to have chargers and wires. I try to reduce them to the minimum, but not always I can. Once I thought of buying a wireless charger, and use it for all devices. But it is heavy and slow to charge. Then I continue with my wires.

The era of Streaming

A chromecast is a very interesting gadget to put in your bag. It's very small and you can stream all your media on a TV. It could be a great idea if you have some rainy days.

Many year ago, I traveled with a portable hard disk in my backpack. I had many hours of movies, series, music and books. But nowadays that isn't practical. I prefer to have my media on my little server, or in any public cloud like Onedrive or Gdrive.

Moreover, Netflix and Spotify are very good services and they have replaced any physical storage in your many bags.

Analog stuffs

Not everything in my backpack is a gadget or an electronic device. I have several things that I consider essentials.

  • Snacks

  • Water bottle

  • Sunscreen

  • Tissus

  • Sun glasses

  • Pen and Notebook

Final words

Each one of us has different priorities. But don't forget to travel with low weight, especially in long trips. Don't carry unnecessary things!

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