How many devices do you need?

Many people use the smartphone for everything. For most of them, apps like Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram are all they need. Others, want to check mails or listen to music.
Actually, in most cases all these tasks can be done from the phone, and other devices remain in a corner of the house.
How many electronic devices do you need in your day?

Are there too many devices in my day?

I get up early, at 6am, when my phone goes off for some seconds. I brush my teeth and I go to have breakfast. While I drink a hot coffee I read my RSS feeds on my tablet. At this moment, I usually receive some notifications on my phone, but they’re unimportant, they are only some messages from a telegram chat that I forget to silence.
I finish my coffee, but before go to work, I need to answer a mail from my collegue. Then, I look for my laptop and I open it to do the job. The bigger screen and physical keyboard are more comfortable than the phone to me.
I get into the car and I connect my phone by a USB-C cable. I run Android Car and I really enjoy listening to some podcasts on the way.

At work, I fill in documents in the cloud. After that, I scan some sheets with the app CamScanner and I highlight the important things and write some notes on them. When I finish, I send them by mail.
It’s 01:00pm, time to have lunch. During this short break, I take my phone to check my notes and To-Dos, and often I play some casual game until 14:00pm.
The rest of the day I will be on the road. From one place to another. I can’t forget to take my powerbank with me, it could be useful to charge my phone. Especially if I have to wait at the dentist’s or at the mechanic’s, where I have to wait, reading a book or whatching some videos on Youtube.

One device is not for everyone

There are some jobs where people need a PC: Photographers, musicians, DJs, writers, software developers. All of them don’t conceive their work without a PC and that is ok.
I am writing this article from my PC, but perhaps all I need is a phone. A big one; maybe, with a good keyboard and a wire to conect it to any screen.
Nowadays, software like “Samsung Dex” or “Huawei PC mode”, allow you to use your smartphone like a PC, with a complete and very productive desktop.

Moreover, the mobile OS has surpassed in many aspects the PCs:
You can do anything on a phone. Its apps are very functional and day after day they gain new functionalities.
Some specs like GPS, camera, LTE connection, and a very stunned integration between the applications are aspects that could tilt the balance in favor of smartphones.

On the other hand, the physical differences are unbridgeable. Phones are very portable and lightweight, but as I said before, many people need large screens and decent keyboards.
However, during the last few years, many phablets have arrived to the market. Screens as big as 6” or 7” could be enough, and some of these even include a stylus, which offers many other possibilities.

Final words

I think we dont’t need too many devices. We need in some cases, an expansion of our smartphone: A bigger screen, a better keyboard, etc. Perhaps, in the future, foldable devices could offer new possibilities to people who love “mobility”. But for professional workers, PCs will continue to be with us for a long time.