Why i decided to create a blog

Hello World :-)

How many times have you had to resolve the same issue?
How many times have you had to “google” the same search to personalize your desktop?
Have you ever seen a person who never needed a hand to solve any problem?

Why this blog

It’s not possible to begin to write a blog or anything else “in the web” without that clich� of “Hello World”.
This is my new blog and this is the first post.
English isn’t my natural language. If you continue reading this post (or the other ones) you’ll understand what I’m speaking about; I apologize fot that, and i promise to improve that topic.
In fact, one of the main reasons for writting my ideas, opinions and notes is to improve writting skills. The other one, is to keep a diary of my experiences with my gadgets and create a simple documentation of the software that i usually use.
Ultimately, this blog is for me. I would write a casual blog, not very technical, but that may be useful to solve concrete problems to someone.

A blog in 2019?

I wanted to dabble in blogging sereval times before, and i thought everything has already been written. Also, I won’t have an innovative idea or specialized knowledge. Honestly, my writing is not professional enough, my posts haven’t content to interest many people, and my time for this project is limited. But inaction is worse, and since i started, this blog (and me) can only grow. The future articles migth help others to solve problems, and that will be great.
Yes, my contribution is small, but i hope it is useful.
Here we go!



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