my work in mobility

How I organize my tasks and time

Smartphone is not just another device in our daily routines. Perhaps people work many hours in front of theirs PCs, or they enjoy too much watching vídeos on iPads or smartTvs.
But if they have to choose only one electronic device, I’m sure the smartphone will be the winner.

I have I laptop, and I love it. It is very confortable typing on it. The 15,6” screen is gorgeous. It’s a perfect device while I’m at home, but I work many hours a day. And sometimes I’m going on a weekend trip with my family. Laptop stops being very atractive in those situations. And tablets and smartphones lean the scale in ‘mobility’. Currently, I usually use my phone for send mails, check social networks, write some lines to my blog, read some papers, scan work documents, read the news, etc.

One day with my smartphone

I get up at 6:30, when the female voice of the smartphone’s assistant tell me the time and temperature. I have breckfast at 7:00, and I usually read the news and check the weather. At 7:30 I defenetly am on the road. While I drive always listen music or same podcasts. Spotify and Pocketcast are two of my ‘essential apps’, and I’ll write about it soon. Fortunately,